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Ways To Make Your Kids More Cooperative About Dental Care.

Young kids rarely want to do anything that doesn’t involve some element of fun. Therefore, getting them to brush their teeth can seem like an insurmountable challenge. 

For children, learning about dental hygiene may not be appealing to them either. Nevertheless, it’s imperative that you push on here and make numerous breakthroughs as the parent. After all, a person’s oral hygiene can enormously affect their general health as well, so falling short here isn’t an option. 

Naturally, you will want to do everything you can for your kids. If they’re failing to be cooperative, then it may even put a strain on your relationships too. However, staying positive during this time is doable, and you simply  

Making your kids more cooperative with all things dental hygiene may seem like an impossible task. Read on for some tips that should hopefully make things easier for you.  

Start Early

If they have enjoyed many years of eating junk food and seldom brushing their teeth, you might find it more challenging to implement change. Therefore, it’s much easier to condition your kid’s into behavioural parties when you start as soon as possible. 

You should have started brushing your kid’s teeth when their first teeth come through at about six months old. Between the ages of six and nine, they can likely begin to brush their teeth without your input, so it’s worth adhering to this timetable as strictly as possible. That way, you can ensure your children make a healthy amount of progress. 

Introducing a healthy diet early on can be advantageous too. If your children don’t have an excess of sugar drinks and tasty drinks, then addictions won’t develop. A healthy combination of vegetables, fruits, and water should have a constant presence in their diet. 

Additionally, you could gather or download articles about what happens to kid’s teeth if they don’t look after them properly or consume the right things. Try to avoid gruesome images if your kids are very young, but otherwise, a cautionary tale might do the trick in helping them to maintain good habits. 

Set Reasonable Expectations

Getting young kids to do anything can always be an uphill battle. Often, your efforts to get them to cooperate with dental care may even seem somewhat futile. 

Take comfort in the fact that many parents experience similar issues and try to learn from their approach. For example, some of them try to find ways to be content with slow progress. They’ll make a series of polite requests and spend twenty minutes attempting to brush their child’s teeth instead of the recommended two. 

Therefore, it’s a good idea not to set impossible standards. Though dental hygiene is something of a quick and basic task for a functioning adult, you can’t expect the same level of understanding from a young child immediately. Persistence is key, so don’t give up. 

Manage your own stress levels too. Though your kids may regularly try your patience, try not to start shouting or losing your temper. It’s much better to influence change in your household from a place of love. If they question your authority, you can gently explain that you’re trying to take care of them. 

Make Brushing an Event 

If you’re a creative parent, you can easily put a twist on even the most mundane chores in life. You can apply this mode of thought to your kid’s teeth brushing schedule. 

Play some fun music loudly in the next room while your kids take care of their dental health. That way, you can incorporate a fun energy into the proceedings. Dental hygiene is important, but if you can disguise that fact and blend it into other aspects of your kid’s day seamlessly, then you may have more success in getting them to cooperate. 

You could even brush your teeth with them and be silly together as you go. Of course, balance is needed here. Things should not get so out of hand that no brushing gets done, and not every child will get things right here without their parent’s input. Be goofy, but keep a close eye on things also and remain alert. 

Timing could be crucial too. If you make your kids go to sleep right after brushing their teeth, they may associate the latter event as a bridge to the former. Consequently, they may delay things as much as possible. Instead, encourage them to brush their teeth, then give them a few minutes to engage with a fun hobby before finally turning in. 

Educate Whimsically 

For kids, dental care can have an exciting twist. Numerous stories and myths surround the tooth fairy and are worth sharing with little ones, for instance. 

Every parent adds their own take to tooth fairy tales. The amount of money they leave behind for lost teeth could change, or perhaps they could leave behind gifts instead of coins too? You’re free to play with the intricacies of the legend as you see fit. 

Additionally, some expert resources lean into this side of things too. A good example is this children’s dentist in Fulham, explaining in great detail why the tooth fairy is so important to young kids. You can learn about all of this yourself and recite the most interesting facts to your kids to captivate their interest too. After that, your whole family can get their smiles perfected with Fulham Road Dental – they won the Best New Dental Practic in London for 2021/2022, so you can rely on them for expert service. 

Tooth loss might be somewhat surprising and traumatic for young kids if they’re aren’t suitably prepared for it. Moreover, they might try to pull wobbling teeth out prematurely, which should be strongly discouraged. Creating a calm and informative environment is key and will prevent them from making rash decisions in these situations.   

Remove Distractions

Kids have numerous distractions at their disposal today. After all, there are a million things they’d rather be doing than brushing their teeth. 

Many of the things that demand their attention could be screen related. Make sure phones, iPads, and any other devices are switched off and out of the bathroom. None of those technologies should be in that space at the best of times anyway. 

Additionally, if you’re dealing with warring siblings, then it’s a good idea to try and get them to brush their teeth separately. That way, no dramas will be created. Know that sibling rivalries are a problem all of their own, and you shouldn’t be juggling those challenges alongside enforcing dental hygiene standards in your family too. 

In the end, your kids need you to reinforce a sense of priorities here. That being said, nagging at them relentlessly may also qualify you as a distraction yourself. Analyse their environment closely and make changes only when they’re failing to make any progress on their dental hygiene at all. Otherwise, be patient. 


Your kids might have a limited understanding of dental care alone. However, if you’re a doting parent, you’re in a great position to educate and guide them on their oral hygiene. You have numerous resources at your disposal to help you in this task, and with the right approach, this can be an informative and fun circumstance for you and the whole family. Try not to let the stress get to you. Realise these things will come with time and that your kids will one day soon be perfectly capable of looking after their smiles. 

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