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We face being homeless by a council that wants to demolish our skyscrapers – nobody cares about us

Residents of a skyscraper slated for demolition by the council say they could become homeless, but no one cares.

of west yorkshire The skyscraper is one of two that will soon be demolished, with the local council saying it is in the process of finding new homes for its tenants.


Leon Brown lives in West Yorkshire skyscraper slated for demolition, says council ‘not making it easy’ for residents to move outCredit: MEN Media
Leon is one of many Bishop's Court residents worried about having a roof over their heads soon.


Leon is one of many Bishop’s Court residents worried about having a roof over their heads soon.Credit: MEN Media

However, some people who live in blocks slated to be replaced by low-rise housing argue that the council is “not making it easy” for them to relocate.

One of the tenants says only three have found a new place to call home, while others are left without a roof over their heads due to personal issues with Kirklees Council. I am worried that

Leon Brown, who has called Huddersfield’s Bishop’s Court home for 17 years, says he feels the council “doesn’t care” about its residents.

leon said yorkshire live: “I know three people who have actually moved since they started working. [the process]Because they don’t make it easy.

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“They refused to give people property because they had dogs. The area is lovely, but living here now and having to deal with Congress is another thing.

“At the end of the day, they don’t care about us. I mean, where are they going to move us? I was told to ‘go and choose to move’. Council Kai says it’s not their problem.

“This place is doomed. No.”

Another resident, Sean Cambridge, says he should have been one of the first tenants to consider moving.

However, Sean said he was “empty” and added:[The council] When I came to deliver the letter last week and asked about the situation, I was told that my phone number had not been “chosen and moved.”

“Proved to be so. I missed watching it in the flat.” [because of that].”

Resident Paul Marinson says he has been courted twice by the council.

Paul said:

“They’re trying to make me homeless. They refused to do the repairs that needed to be done on my flat.”

A Kirklees Council spokesperson said in a statement:

“If you have any concerns or issues during the rehousing phase of Berry Brow’s revitalization program, we encourage you to discuss them with our dedicated housing management team.

“We take our duty to prevent homelessness very seriously and will help ensure that all residents have as many housing options as possible.”

They’re trying to make me homeless.

Paul MarinsonResident of Bishop’s Court

Regarding the eviction progress and process, the council said:

“Each tenant is assigned a housing representative to support the process.

“Priority banding will be awarded when appropriate to assist in rehousing. It may take time to identify suitable alternative housing depending on tenant circumstances.”

The council said it expects all tenants to be assisted to vacate the tower block by the summer of 2024.

A spokesperson added: “A team of five dedicated housing officers provides focused and focused support to tenants on five floors at a time.

“Preferred floor tenants will be given banding B to help bid on Choose n’ Move (the City Council’s housing allocation site).

“The Council is committed to helping tenants move to safe, secure and sustainable alternative accommodation.”

“We cannot discuss individual cases. court Actions taken against individual tenants.

“The housing management team is not aware of any outstanding property repair requests and encourages concerned tenants to contact them so they can provide assistance.”

https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/20218455/residents-fear-homelessness-council-building-demolition/ We face being homeless by a council that wants to demolish our skyscrapers – nobody cares about us

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