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We welcome tough new government measures to crack down on eco-idiots

Time to stick on glue rubble

Britain is tired of the mayhem caused by eco-idiots.

For too long these zealots have been on the run inflict immeasurable misery About a hardworking Englishman trying to make a living.


We welcome new government measures to crack down on militant eco-idiotsCredit: P.A.

This mob stopped an ambulance taking a patient hospital A grieving family has stopped attending a loved one’s funeral.

They have mocked authorities and abused established laws to enable legitimate protests.

so we welcome of the government Harsh new measures to crack down on these extremists.

as police minister Chris Philip No country is held ransom by a few people who stick to the road or defile a work of art.

Eco-idiots stick to supercars, including £180,000 Ferrari at motor show
Extinction Rebellion are throwing an all-night rave to celebrate the chaos they've caused.

of public security bill Cops are given more powers to keep highways and streets clean.

But they must be fully used.

Peaceful protest is one thing and we don’t deny it climate change is a big concern.

But by blocking ambulances and fire trucks, these eco-anarchists are risking both lives and livelihoods.

don’t forget annihilation rebellion Fanatics have also tried to silence the free press by blocking the print of newspapers.

and the just turn off the oil Rattles in designer t-shirts are given free passes and can cause havoc. London as they wish.

Mr. Philippe is right to order the police to be tougher.

Too few troublemakers have been prosecuted and convicted.

One protester boasted that he had been arrested 22 times.

How can he still walk the streets and continue to disrupt other people’s lives at will?

Law-abiding workers struggling to earn crust must come first.

Andy Pander

Prince Andrew knows the rules.

then why he throw a wobble at losing him State-funded protection team when he’s gone working royal?

Andrew throws a wobble about losing state-funded protection team


Andrew throws a wobble about losing state-funded protection teamCredit: Getty

Duke of York After the incident, he was stripped of his frontline duties. Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal.

he should no longer expect home office He now lives a golden leisure life as a privateer to provide round-the-clock bodyguards.

It is not true that the taxpayer should receive an invoice for an elite police officer to accompany him when he travels in luxury. bahrain.

My neighbor's 6ft fence is obscuring my view and blocking the light to my house
Mother hysterical over son's hilarious debacle with 'urgent' letter to Santa

Once reported to be spoiled prince He once ordered his guardian to retrieve his lost golf ball.

I’m sorry, Andrew. Now you have to pick them up yourself.

https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/20562953/governments-crack-down-eco-idiots/ We welcome tough new government measures to crack down on eco-idiots

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