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Welcome Clients and Customers with These 4 Different Types of Lobby Signs

Because of their importance in setting an initial tone for clients, guests, and staff, lobby signs are also referred to as ‘impact signs.’ Effective lobby signage may give your guests a sense of professionalism, competence, expertise, or anything else that you want them to feel when they first walk into your area. Even if first impressions are formed without them knowing about what you do and how they can benefit from it, they are nevertheless an essential part of the overall branding strategy.

With a presentable and well-designed lobby sign, you can greet and welcome your customers confidently. Business signs aren’t just for the exteriors. Lobby signs are an amazing method to establish your brand the moment your clients come in the door. Many sign studios provide lobby sign designs in a variety of styles. Here are four different sorts of lobby signage that will improve the look of your business’s interior.

Lighted Lobby Signs

By using lighting lobby sign alternatives, it can help you brighten up a specific part in the lobby. Whether you’re searching for a basic backlit lobby sign or an LED message board, this will surely attract the attention of your clients.

Backlit signs provide intrigue and visual excitement to your sign and office environment. You may use low-voltage, state-of-the-art LED lights to illuminate your backlit signs. Normally, these lights are white, but you may create a spectacular effect by using RGB-colored lights and dialing in a precise hue from the spectrum.

 3D Lobby Signs

A 3D lobby sign is an excellent choice if you want a sign that really stands out. 3D lobby signs, as the name implies, offer another dimension to your two-dimensional wall area. They do not only help promote your brand, but they also give your lobby more depth and substance. 3D lobby signs can be made of a variety of materials, including metals, plastics, and foam. Aside from that, they are also ideal for any business because of their versatility and adaptability.

Any firm or group wishing to add signage to their interior wall, office, or lobby will love these indoor letters and logo signs. Plastic and foam are low-cost alternatives, however, using metals of any kind will bring elegance and a high-end aesthetic to your office or lobby. There are also available metal-faced laminated letters, which have the appearance of metal but are substantially less expensive. If you want the look of your lobby wall or office to be completely changed, consider getting illuminated indoor signs.

 Vinyl Lobby Signs

Vinyl lobby signs are a good option if you want something that’s more simple, cost-effective, and less permanent. Vinyl is also more adaptable as it may be used on walls, doors, and even floors compared to other materials. Vinyl graphics have a sophisticated appearance, due in part to the employment for using brilliant colors and in part to the aesthetic worth of the designs. When the reception area sign is made up of vinyl wall art, you can’t help but create a good impression.

Vinyl signs add sophistication and interest, which attracts your clients and customers, it is essential especially in creating and giving them positive and remarkable impressions.

 Custom Lobby Signs

If you’re seeking something distinctive that will set your company apart from the competition, don’t sleep on custom lobby signs. If you want it fancy, you can get 3D custom lobby signs that are backlit. There are multiple companies that you can work with that can help you make your idea a reality even if you merely provided the concept.

Many signage professionals and firms can offer you any type of sign or material you require or customized signs. Choose from materials like cut metal, cut acrylic, or etched glass for your corporate signs. Make panel signs and signs with letters that are individually mounted. Allow experts to assist you in making your vision a reality.

Final reminders

 You should consider the size and material of the signboards before choosing one for your business. Despite the fact that lobby signs are placed indoors, they are subjected to a range of adverse environmental conditions such as dust and filth, which degrade the signs’ overall performance. To avoid any of these circumstances, purchase signage that is meant to last for a long period of time. It may be a bit more expensive but this will be cost-effective in the future. Make sure the typeface is legible and the font is clean and concise. Aside from that, avoid sign firms that will offer you too much price that will drain your funds. Choose signage that is both affordable and attractive, and also consider your clients’ in making signage. Choose those ones that will reflect their thoughts.


In conclusion, a pleasant lobby is equivalent to a pleasant smile that may warmly greet visitors to your workplace. Lobby signs are a business’s way of informing customers and clients of your elegance and professionalism in the workplace. Choose a sign that will serve the cause and match your criteria, and you’ll see how it affects your business in a positive way.


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