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Westminster welcomes girls to all grade groups for the first time


Estminster School reportedly admits girls to all grade groups for the first time.

private schoollocated in Westminster Abbeyhas been an all-boys school for centuries, and girls have only been admitted to the 6th form since 1967.

A spokesperson for the school said: Telegraph They said they were responding to the growing number of parents, students and staff asking about girls’ participation.

The school plans to be fully coeducational by 2030, but the date has not been set, the newspaper said. The changes apply to both elementary and high school.

A spokesperson said: “We don’t have a set date yet, but we look forward to being able to make this big change to our school so that the kids who are doing well here can come to school, regardless of gender. increase.”

Westminster sent about 40% of its students to Oxbridge to educate six former prime ministers. Other alumni include Louise Theroux, Christopher Wren, Nick Clegg and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Last year, Fiona Scolding KC recommended schools allow girls to enter at a younger age, in response to an anonymous sexual harassment allegation posted on the Everyone’s Invited website.

In a school review she said: Interacting with the opposite sex in an academic environment.”

She added:

Dr. Gary Savage, who entered the school in 2020, issued a “sincere and frank” apology last year following the publication of the report.

Formerly an all-boys school, Charterhouse will become fully coeducational in 2021.

The Standard has reached out to Westminster School for further comment.

https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/westminster-school-london-girls-all-year-groups-b1070582.html Westminster welcomes girls to all grade groups for the first time

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