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What are mobile patrol security services?

To ensure safety at small facilities like apartments, cottages or small warehouses, as well as facilities where losses from possible damage and destruction are small, it is cheaper and easier to use mobile patrol services. It is a complex of technical means and physical forces that provide non-stop surveillance and security with the ability to notify the owner of private or public property, or the response of a mobile group.

One of the important factors that testifies in favor of the use of console security is the absence of the need for the constant presence of security staff at a controlled facility. Among the other benefits are:

  • With the security services, the owner does not need to worry about his apartment — his house is always under the remote supervision of attentive and experienced mobile patrol guards.
  • In case of danger, a home equipped with a remote control will receive immediate assistance, even if the owner of the apartment is away.
  • The mobile patrol security services provide insurance. If the property specified in the contract has not been preserved, the owner receives an insurance payment.

This ensures cost savings without compromising the efficiency of the services provided. The high quality of the applied elements of the system allows you to receive signals about the triggering of certain sensors in a timely manner.

What are mobile patrol security services?

How does the mobile patrol services work?

The mobile patrol security services works as follows — security and fire equipment is installed at the facility, which transmits signals about the state of the facility to the centralized monitoring station. The control panel is monitored around the clock by dispatchers who process information and immediately respond to alarms by sending mobile patrol guards to the site.

Each signal received is processed by special software, which determines the nature of the alarm (unresolved entry, burglary, robbery, fire, etc.). In addition to alarm messages, the station receives information (test signals) about the operability of all elements of security equipment. For a faster response by mobile groups to alarms, tablets are installed in the cars of companies to receive GPS coordinates and display the protected object on the map.

G4S mobile patrol officer responds nimbly to a sign of excitement. Including if the dacha dwelling is located far from the settlement, the response will become quite quick in order to interfere with the theft. If you have decided to order a smoke detector in addition to the offer, then in the event of a fire alarm, a G4S patrol will drive up to the area of the incident. In the event of a threat, the Rescue Service Department and the customer or his contact person will be forthwith informed.

The uniqueness of modern security systems lies in the fact that you can build various systems, individually approaching the wishes and needs of citizens, and also allows you to guard and protect objects of any complexity. Protection of facilities implies the acquisition of the necessary equipment, which requires not only installation and adjustment, but also service.


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