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What Makes The Australian Open So Special?

There are plenty of tennis tournaments that get the attention of fans from all over the globe – Wimbledon, The Australian Open and the US Open probably being the most popular. However, when it comes to tournaments that players strive to be able to play at and fans lust to attend, the Australian Open is probably top of the list for many – but what makes the Australian Open So Special?

The Australian Open

If you’re going to visit anywhere to play or watch tennis, then the fact that Australia offers such an impressive backdrop is certainly going to tell. However, beautiful beaches, good coffee and plenty of sunshine aren’t the only reasons that the Australian Open has proved so popular – the fact that it has been the home to many iconic tennis matches in the past has certainly helped its popularity. There are definitely players that feel at home during the Australian Open – Novak Djokovic has certainly been keen to attend this year’s event, and when you consider that he has won a record seven titles at the Australian Open, it is easy to see why!

There are many players that enjoy coming back to the Australian Open time and time again – Gael Monfils for example who has visited at least 15 times to complete at the Australian Open. It isn’t just male players that have done well and have a love for playing tennis in Melbourne, the Women’s Australian Open proves popular year on year too. Both Elise Mertens and Angelique Kerber have talked about their love of playing here and how they remain keen to win a title every year that they attend. Both have reached the semi-finals in the past, a testament to their hard work and desire to win.

Many will say that it is the passion for both winning and playing a good game that helps to make the Australian Open so special, however, no doubt the decent weather and stunning scenery that the city of Melbourne offers help! Monfils is currently priced as a 66/1 outsider in the current online betting odds

What Do Professional Tennis Players Say?

If you ask Novak Djokovic about his favourite players to compete in a tennis match he is likely to tell you that he counts the Rob Laver Arena amongst his favourites. Betway Sports spoke with Australian Open quarter-finalist Sabine Appelmans and she told them about the difficulties she faced in her professional career. She spoke about how she got to play against one of her icons Steffi Graf, which she enjoyed but also found tough because of how much she admired her. She also had to play against fellow Belgian player Dominique Monami, who she was friends with and as such didn’t have the easiest time playing matches against her. She also mentioned Monica Seeles, who was arguably Sabine’s hardest opponent and as such, Sabine never managed to beat her. Milos Raonic has also talked in the past of his love for playing at the Australian Open – “It’s always been very positive for me here, and I always found a way to play well,”

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