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Which by-seats are being contested and will the Conservatives lose their seats? | By-election

The seats contested on Thursday are:

Uxbridge and South Ruislip

Boris Johnson’s former seat, This area on the outskirts of West London It would be easiest for Labor to wrest power from the Conservatives. The Conservative Party has the smallest majority (about 7,200 votes in 2019), and the former prime minister has not participated in the campaign at all, suggesting that he is not seen as an electoral talent. The only conversation he had was said to be a 30-second phone call with local MP and business consultant Conservative candidate Steve Tuckwell. Labor Danny Beals is a philanthropist and was born and raised there. Critics, however, have accused him of parachuting, citing the fact that he is an MP for the city of Camden, a few miles away.

The area is heavily car-traveled and is located just inside London’s M25 railroad. Plans to expand ultra-low emission zones Reducing air pollution is a central focus of the contest. Given that the cost of living is a very pressing concern, the fees that some drivers will bear due to Mayor Sadiq Khan’s decision have become a prominent part of the Tory attack. Conservative activists hope the move will break the indifference of traditional voters and give them a chance to continue their resistance.

This seat dates back to the 1970s and voted Conservative under old forms and current boundaries. The EU referendum voted 52.7% to leave, and although it is home to a sizeable number of retirees, the demographics have changed in recent years due to an influx of young families.

Somerton and Fromm

Liberal Democrat candidate Sarah Dyke (right) of Somerton & Frome says she is already being treated as a new MP. Photo: Ben Virtual/Pennsylvania

After winning a solid 19,000-seat Conservative majority in the last election, This seat in Somerset’s quaint pocket It was held by the Liberal Democrats from 1997 to 2015. Allegations over outgoing Conservative MP David Warburton, surfaced 15 months ago, although he denies it, the Liberal Democrats have poured time and resources into preparing for the moment the race officially begins. In other words, despite the seemingly huge mountain you have to climb, this is the seat where bookmakers are most likely to flip. The region is largely rural, and the Liberal Democrats have been trying to replicate the success they managed to win last year. Dramatic wins at Tiverton and Honiton.

Tactical voting among the left, combined with habitual Conservative apathy, has led Labor to abandon much of its involvement in the struggle and instead focus its energies on other areas. Liberal Democrat candidate Sarah Dyke said she had been treated like a new MP for some time, given her frustration over Mr Warveton’s absence. Faye Purbrick, Conservative candidateis a city council member and likewise portrays himself as someone who can act immediately. He points to a series of visits by cabinet ministers, including Michael Gove and Grant Shaps, as evidence that the Conservatives are still fighting for their seats.

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Selby and Ainstey

Claire Holmes
Selby and Ainsty’s Conservative candidate, Claire Holmes, holds a majority of 20,000 votes. Photo: Christopher Thomond/The Guardian

A collection of picturesque towns and villages spread across North Yorkshire. This constituency is uncomfortably close to Rishi Sunak’s Richmond constituency.the by-election Inspired by Nigel AdamsSome residents are frustrated that Johnson’s “trivial” resignation from parliament left them in turmoil, as they were loyal allies of Mr Johnson when he was given the title.

Overthrowing the Conservative majority of 20,000 votes would be a massive coup for the Conservatives. labor And it shows that the Conservatives can threaten them not only in metropolitan areas and traditional former industrial centers, but also in rural areas. However, it is a very high hurdle to clear. Labor would need a move of about 18% to beat Conservative candidate Claire Holmes, compared to about 12% in current polls. Labor candidate Kia Mather, if elected, would become the youngest member of parliament and the “baby of the House of Commons.”

Concerns about the future of the local Drax power plant and the affordability and development of housing in the area are issues raised by local residents during the campaign. Adams’ resignation and widespread dissatisfaction with Sunak, as well as dissatisfaction with the cost of living and access to medical care, have also been marked. Selby has 59.2% of voters in favor of leaving the EU, and his wide constituencies are dotted with church steeples and historic battlefields. Under the reset boundaries that take effect at the next general election, seats are more likely to lean in favor of Labor.

https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2023/jul/19/byelection-seats-thursday-uxbridge-and-south-ruislip-somerton-and-frome-selby-and-ainsty Which by-seats are being contested and will the Conservatives lose their seats? | By-election

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