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Which Technologies Have Made Jackpot King Slots So Popular?

Online slot game designers are constantly developing innovative slot games or improving existing ones. Enhancing the gaming experience and bringing new elements into popular titles ensures that video slot games remain interesting for everyone.

However, some slot players long for more adrenaline when playing online slot games. That’s where progressive jackpot slots come into play. As one of the top trends in the slot industry, progressive jackpot slots offer much more than traditional slots we’re well familiar with.

Jackpot King slots are Blueprint Gaming’s variation of a progressive jackpot slot, and we’re here to tell you everything about it. Upon finishing this article, you’ll know how to play Jackpot King slots in UK and maybe even earn a top prize.

The progressive slots

You probably already know how traditional slot games work. Whether you’re a bigger fan of online or brick-and-mortar casinos, all traditional slots work quite similarly. However, progressive slots have some unique features you’ll find interesting.

Namely, a regular jackpot requires landing a specific combination of symbols to win a jackpot, which is a fixed and predetermined amount. However, progressive slots function slightly differently. Here, the jackpot amount gradually grows with the number of players. With every new spin, more money is added to the jackpot, so the jackpot prize grows bigger and bigger until someone wins it.

There are three types of progressive jackpots – standalone, local, and network.

  1. Standalone

In brick-and-mortar casinos, standalone progressive jackpots are connected to one game and one slot machine. In online casinos, all players playing the same game add to the overall jackpot amount.

  1. Local

With local progressive jackpots, players of multiple games contribute to the jackpot prize, so the jackpot amount grows rapidly and allows players to win bigger prizes. Local progressive jackpots work the same in land-based and online casinos.

2. Network

Network progressive slots allow multiple games in multiple casinos to contribute to a single jackpot amount. So, if land-based or online casinos are connected, it’s possible to collect all contributions into one big pile to make winnings bigger.

About Jackpot King slots

By now, you’re probably wondering what Jackpot King slots are.

Jackpot King is Blueprint Gaming’s version of a progressive jackpot system. Jackpot King slots don’t have a fixed jackpot sum but rather allow players to increase their potential winnings by playing more.

Furthermore, Jackpot King games aren’t limited to video slot games. Instead, players can participate in numerous online scratch card games and other game designs that all contribute to the overall amount of jackpot available at Jackpot King.

Because of their unlimited growth, Jackpot King allows players to win huge sums of money that are usually life-changing. This feature makes Jackpot King slots extremely popular among slot players. All players have an equal opportunity of winning a large Jackpot King prize, even if they play at minimal stakes.

Although hitting the Jackpot King jackpot isn’t necessarily easy, the substantial amounts available to players are more than enough of a reason for the worldwide popularity of these progressive jackpot slots. When it comes to the UK, Prime Slots UK is a favorite among many.

The technology behind Jackpot King slots

How do Jackpot King slots essentially work?

When you play a Jackpot King game, first, you need to land 5 Jackpot King symbols during standard gameplay. That gives you a chance to play a Jackpot King mini-game. These mini-games come with new symbols and bonus reels that give you a new opportunity to win.

If you land 15+ symbols, you’re awarded a Wheel King. This jackpot wheel game allows you to win one of the three jackpots available – the Regal Pot, the Royal Pot, or the ultimate Jackpot King.

Even if you don’t hit the jackpot on your first try, most Jackpot King slot games give you a second chance to try for the jackpot again. Since Jackpot King jackpots come with a considerable prize, it’s only understandable that they’re so popular among slot enthusiasts.

Final thoughts

All in all, Jackpot King slots are among the most famous and widely-played types of progressive slots. The interesting games, mesmerizing features, and ultimate jackpot prizes motivate many slot fans to try out their luck with the Jackpot King.

If you’re feeling lucky lately, maybe it’s the perfect time to go for that Jackpot King and change your life forever!

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