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Who is Harmonie the Unicorn Beanie Boo?

Boys and girls, mums and dads, TY warmly introduces you to Harmonie, one of the latest additions to the Beanie Boo range.

With textured sparkle accents on the horn, ears, and feet, Harmonie shines with inner magic, bringing joy to everyone who knows her.

But what exactly is a Ty Beanie Boo, and what makes them such a fan favourite?

What is a Beanie Boo?

Beanie Boos are a range of cuddly plushies from Ty, first manufactured in June 2009.

Each Beanie Boo is characterised by its overly cute appearance, which is reminiscent of a new born baby, thanks to its oversized head, large endearing eyes, and high foreheads.

The original Beanie Boo line-up included:

  • Peanut the Elephant
  • Waddles the Penguin
  • Slush the Husky
  • Kiwi the Frog
  • Coconut the Monkey
  • Bamboo the Panda
  • Bubblegum the Koala

Various releases followed until the first sparkly-eyed Beanie Boos appeared in March 2012, starting with Treasure the Unicorn.

Perhaps a distant relative of Harmonie?

What makes each unicorn Beanie Boo special?

As with many Ty toys from across the decades, there are some key features which make each Beanie Boo extra special.

The tradition of birthdays and poems

Harking back to the 1990s and the original release of the floppy bear Beanie Babies, each unicorn Beanie Boo comes with a unique birthday and an individual poem, designed to personalise the adorable plushie as an individual character.

Harmonie’s birthday is September 7th and her poem goes a little something like this:

I sing because it’s a lot of fun

But only when I sit in the sun

This unique birthday makes it an ideal gift for a loved one who shares Harmonie’s birthday, giving children everywhere an easy way to bond with their new beanie friend.

Individualised appearances

Ty also customises each Beanie Boo with an adorable, yet unique appearance, helping to build a personality into the soft toy.

Each Harmonie features the snuggly soft Ty silk on a white body, with a mix of pink, green, blue, and yellow asymmetrical spots.

This colour theme is continued throughout the twisted blue and yellow horn, individual pink and green inner ears, and coordinating hooves – with one of each major colour.

For those seeking tactile stimulation, the ears, horn, and feet have a speckled textured finish, which can help with self-soothing.

One of the most endearing features of the Beanie Boo range is their oversized heads, with high foreheads and large, friendly eyes – encircled with a sparkled pink colour to match Harmonie’s tail and mane.

How to gift Harmonie the Unicorn Beanie Boo

Do you know someone who could offer Harmonie a loving home? Perhaps this little one needs the endless friendship and magic only a unicorn friend can bring.

A fantastically popular plushie, Harmonie is perfect for gifting!

Great gifting opportunities include:

  • Birthday boys and girls born on September7th
  • Giftees who love all things unicorns
  • Any child aged 3+ (Beanie Boos are not suitable for younger children)
  • Anyone going through a hard time that needs some extra love and support
  • Adults leaving home for the first time – plushies from Beanie Boo make great décor pieces and can give loving hugs if people get homesick!
  • Special events including Valentine’s Day and relationship/ wedding anniversaries – thanks to the snuggly soft fur and endearing features, Beanie Boos are the perfect way to say, “I love you!”

No matter the occasion, always make sure you purchase your Unicorn Beanie Boo from a reputable, trusted seller – replicas will unlikely be of sufficient quality, meet the same safety standards, or include the special Ty tag and poem.


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