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Who is winning the streaming war in 2022?

Current and established leaders in the streaming market industry like Netflix and Amazon are now up against more competition than ever before, competing in a now very saturated market. Legendary entertainment powerhouses are now jumping on the bandwagon and enter the streaming war with their own subscription services, including the likes of Disney Plus, Paramount Plus, and Apple TV – to name a few.

Not to forget the free ad-supported platforms like Pluto TV which have saturated the market even further, and made the streaming battle far more competitive than it already was. Netflix has always been on top but that may well change. So, without further ado, who exactly is winning the streaming war in 2022? Let’s reveal all.

Who is on top?

Before the days of Covid-19 – prior to the days of waking up just to slouch on the couch and binge a whole Netflix series for the day – Netflix was the streaming platform everyone would use, while Amazon Prime video lurked behind in its shadow. Disney, the entertainment giant everyone loves, launched Disney+ in the US at the very end of 2019. However, it wasn’t until national lockdowns were placed that the platform would be available to other countries. From this day on, almost every brand wanted a piece of the streaming world. We now have more streaming platforms available than ever – but who is on top? Disney+ certainly seems to have risen to the top, although it may not quite have dethroned Netflix just yet.

Is Netflix still the top dog? Lack of licenced content

With 221.8 million subscribers worldwide at the end of 2021, Netflix is certainly on top. But a lot can change in 6 months – and in the last six months there has been a mega amount of content released by many streaming giants. We’ve seen new seasons of Stranger Things, Bridgerton, and a tonne of crime documentaries from Netflix, while Disney has brought us Moon Knight and The Book of Boba Fett. Amazon has also found success with The Boys and Reacher. Although Netflix was on top six months ago, recent subscriber losses highlight a real vulnerability they’ve never experienced before.

Even though Netflix’s original content has produced some of the greatest TV shows ever, that have redefined the TV landscape massively, it also features licensed content. However, this licensed content may no longer be available to Netflix, since much of it is owned by production companies that have created their own streaming platforms.

Disney+ is likely to dethrone Netflix

Disney+ has the best chance of challenging Netflix’s dominance of the streaming industry. In the beginning, the platform’s content was outstanding considering Disney’s extensive history in cinema and TV. Thanks to purchases like 20th Century Fox, Marvel Studios, and Hulu, the amount of material that was readily available increased considerably in a short time. Disney+ now has a strong presence that was previously reserved only for Netflix thanks to the original streaming programmes from the Marvel and Star Wars branches.

Luckily, Netflix has plans to save their subscribership by introducing cheaper, ad-supported plans. Addressable TV adverts, with help from experts such as Finecast, can not only be fruitful for streaming platforms and content creators, but more importantly more personal and relevant to TV audiences.

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