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Why Being Backed by Big Names Pays in the Insurance Industry

As a successful entrepreneur, you know that choosing the right company to work with can help your business succeed.

When it comes to the insurance industry, where do you turn? Having been backed by big names in the industry can give your insurance business an edge over others in its field because consumers trust established brands more than those that are new or smaller in scale.

Here are some benefits of being backed by big names in the insurance industry to help your business succeed.

Growth Potential

This isn’t just a good way to entice customers. It also offers a glimpse into your company’s future growth opportunities. It also allows you to show investors (and potential partners) that you’re focused on maximising your market share—and will continue to pursue new markets.

If your goal is to get acquired, having a strong list of companies partnered with yours is a must-have on your resume. And if you plan on going public?

Companies are more likely to buy stocks from other companies backed by big names (after all, why not support successful businesses). Bottom line: A big endorsement shows people that other big names trust you, which can only help solidify their opinion of you.


One of today’s key features that people want from an insurance agency is versatility. They need to adapt to a variety of situations and different sets of circumstances quickly. The big names will be able to provide you with a wide range of services, giving you plenty of options when it comes time for upgrades or changes.

Even if you are just getting started and feel overwhelmed at first, these companies can offer everything you need without forcing you into doing anything outside your comfort zone. They have been around long enough to prove themselves over time, so if they back your company, it’s likely because they believe in its potential.

Brand Awareness

Having a well-known insurance company behind you can be a huge advantage when building your business. Many insurance companies have the reach that few other brands or individuals can match, and being backed by them gives you instant brand recognition. This can help you attract new customers and make people more likely to trust your business from day one.

The increased brand awareness that comes with the insurance industry backing from companies like Rideshur by Humn.ai doesn’t just benefit you. It also benefits your customers, who now have a safer way to do business with you. When you can quickly establish your company as one with trustworthy and dependable products or services, not only will existing customers be happier and more willing to spend money, new ones will also come flocking.

All of these factors together mean that being backed by big names in the insurance industry should help grow your business at a much faster rate than it would otherwise.


There are two ways to look at it: on the one hand, having a big backer behind you looks like your idea is too good to fail. On the other hand, having a big backer behind you increases your risk of failure because now there’s more at stake, and someone has invested much of their reputation into your idea.

Either way, it pays to know how insurance companies get paid, which will help you decide whether or not they deserve your gratitude for backing you—and not just financially.

While an investment from an established firm might seem like a good thing, don’t forget that it may mean a tougher negotiating position for you down the road. Understanding why money is such an attractive proposition for insurers can make it easier to hold out for better terms later.

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