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Why It Is Not Advisable To Stream from Illegal Websites

Many are the times people chance upon websites to watch or download their favorite movies from. Legal platforms chose to get a license from creators to stream content. However, there are also many free illegal sites, and they are considered cheap as there is no payment plan required, and thus, streaming from illegal sites becomes really alluring. As much as the idea of streaming from illegal sites is fascinating, you would not want to get involved with them, and here is why;

All these illegal sites are conducting an illegal activity since the movie they are hosting on their platform is copywritten. Some countries consider uploading files from these sites illegal, and they take these rules really seriously; for example,in some countries, using an illegal streaming site can lead to you getting a massive fine of 2000 dollars. Such a fine would break a middle-class family. So it is advisable to use legal sites such as 123movies always.

Data Sharing

Some of these illegitimate sites usually give a condition to the user streaming from the site to create an account in order to enjoy free content. The said sites normally offer minimum protection to the data of the user, and it is not unusual for the sites to sell off their user’s data to third-party sites who may end up hacking the user’s personal information and may even put viruses in the devices of the customers.


You should always understand that malware is the short form for the term malicious software, which usually attacks computers in form of nasty viruses, trojans, spyware, or worms. The mission of spyware is usually to accomplish illegal tasks such as robbing protected data, adding software without the user’s consent, and deleting confidential documents. Most of these illicit websites have many pop-ups while the user is using the site, and if the user makes the mistake of clicking a single one, the viruses on that site may download on their own into the device used by the user.

Accidental Torrents

Shading some lights is something precious, and with no contradiction, a torrent refers to a file shared through a decentralized, peer-to-peer sharing network. This kind of sharing allows users to exchange files without uploading these to a server. It is risky to use torrents since their files contain pirated information. Some authorities do not consider streaming from felonious sites the problem but rather using the torrents. Torrents are easily detectable and unauthorized, and downloading one accidentally may lead to one getting himself or herself in legal distress.

Inappropriate Advertisements

Streaming from these illegal sites may expose younger viewers to age-inappropriate advertisements and explicit content. Unlike most legal sites or streaming apps, there are no parental controls to prevent this from taking place.


To wrap it all up, it is not worth it to use illegal streaming sites in hopes of escaping the fee charged in legal sites because, in the end, one ends up losing more than gaining from these sites. However, one can protect themselves from the above risks by using legal sites like 123movies, not clicking on dubious links, and not sharing personal information with platforms that are not known.

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