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Why Manufacturers and Retailers Like to Use Polyolefin Shrink Wrap

Polyolefin (POF) shrink wrap is a popular packaging material for both edible and non-edible products. Polyolefin works well for a wide range of products because it is easy to heat seal. POF shrink wrap film has also become the preferred choice because it is safer than Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) shrink film and can also be much better for the environment.

Some of the physical properties that make POF shrinkwrap such a versatile packaging material include the fact that it creates a strong seal when properly applied by a shrinkwrap machine. Also, once sealed POF can withstand high and low temperatures without compromising the product sealed inside. This makes it great for products that need to be stored in controlled environments and when exposed to ambient conditions during transport.

Usage of polyolefin shrinkwrap

As mentioned, POF shrinkwrap is used in many packaging applications. It is a popular material used in packaging products that need to emphasize appearance and it is a preferred material for packaging less rigid products such as soft toys, foodstuffs, sweets, games and various other retail products and fast-moving consumer goods..

POF is used to preserve products and package them individually or wrap numerous products together. Depending on your moisture vapour transmission rate (MVTR), you can mix additives to achieve your intended goal with the polyolefin shrink wrap.

Benefits of polyolefin shrinkwrap

POF has a wide range of benefits as a packaging material, which means its usage is widespread in many industries. Here are some of its advantages and why manufacturers and retailers prefer using it:

Protects and preserves products

When the polyolefin shrink wraps are heated, they form a tight seal which ensures the contents covered by the packaging are protected and preserved. This protects products from contamination caused by moisture, dust, or any other pollutants that would otherwise contaminate an unwrapped product.

It is FDA approved as a food-safe material and widely used by the Food and Beverage industry. It keeps food items fresh and allows you to identify whether the contents have been tampered with after leaving the production line.

Some POF shrink wraps have protection against harmful UV rays, shielding your products from damaging sun rays.

It helps to increase the shelf life of perishable goods and contains the odour of the contents within the packaging. Manufacturers of food items use food-grade shrink wrap to prevent their products from exposure to external elements. The protective sealing of food products prevents them from spoiling faster.

Shows evidence of tampering

Its protective properties include tear-resistant, puncture-proof and sturdy design, making it easy to notice any tampering on products. Numerous pharmaceutical and food companies have incorporated this type of packaging into their products. That ensures the delivery of the products to the end-users with great quality.

Some institutions like banks use special POF shrink wraps that change colour when the contents within the packaging have been tampered with or when someone stretches the wrap. It is used to detect whether there was unauthorized access to the products during transit or in storage.

It helps in branding

POF shrinkwraps have great presentation qualities that are essential in branding a product. A company can print admirable logos, words, colours and other graphic items that will help to promote its products.

Adorning the packaging with company identifications like the logo, name, and distinct colours is a great marketing strategy. When the product reaches its end users, it can increase brand awareness and captivate prospective customers.

The transparent and clear feature of POF allows products to be inspected without unpacking, reducing the processing time. The glossy finish gives it a pleasing look, which is great for attracting customers.

It is affordable

Shrinkwrap requires heat and plastic, making it an affordable option for packaging. The cost of polyolefin shrink wrap varies depending on the width and thickness of the wrap. The process of packaging using POF is cheaper than the value it offers.

It is fairly low-priced compared to other packaging options like cartons. The fact that it is lightweight and can bundle various products together saves money on storage and transportation.

Maximizes space usage

The use of ultra thin materials means using less resources to package, store or transport products. POF shrink wrap is designed to save space by wrapping numerous products together without using other large materials like cardboard boxes and wooden pallets.

It is an important packaging option for big warehouses and mass storage facilities, which need to maximize storage space.

The Food and Beverage industry uses POF to contain various products together while maintaining a professional look. Polyolefin is a lightweight material, making it convenient to transport many products at once because more space is available on the carriers.

It is environmentally friendly

As sustainability is becoming an important aspect to many consumers, all businesses should use packaging materials that meet sustainability standards. Polyolefin shrink wraps are recyclable, and they do not release harmful elements like PVC.

They can be made from 100% recyclable materials and green options like using sugar cane polyolefin. The bio-based material is carbon neutral and suitable for packaging food products. Its raw materials are very affordable, making it a cost-effective option.

It is durable

Polyolefin shrink wrap is made from strong, durable plastic. POF stays strong even under extreme weather conditions. Once the packaging has been heated and sealed, it will not weaken or become loose, ensuring your products are secure and stable in most situations. It is more flexible than other packaging materials and does not discolour over time.

POF is waterproof, protecting your products from accidental spillages and rainy weather. It is also versatile because it wraps around a product of any shape. Polyolefin shrink wrap is usually soft before applying heat to it. That allows it to contain items with irregular shapes easily.

POF can be pre-perforated to eliminate air pockets, and it completely shrinks quickly as soon as it comes out of the shrinking tunnel.

Industries using shrink films

Various industries use Polyolefin shrink wrap for different purposes. Some of the industries and how they use shrink wrap include:

  • Electronics – The electronics industry uses shrink wraps to package numerous products for environmental protection. Shrink tubing is used to cover various electronic components for abrasion resistance.
  • Food and Beverage – The food industry is the largest consumer of shrink films, and Polyolefin shrink wrap is the standard for packaging in the industry. Shrink wraps remove oxygen contact from the food and help to reduce waste.
  • Printing and Paper Goods – This industry uses shrink wrap to protect their products and detect whether they have been tampered with.
  • Pharmaceutical – Shrink wraps are used in the pharmaceutical industry as a seal. They are also used to identify tampering.
  • Sporting Items – It is an affordable option for packaging in the sporting industry. It is also used to detect and prevent tampering of the products,
  • Hardware – The hardware and houseware industry uses shrink film to wrap numerous items together. They also use it to identify and prevent the products from tampering.


Polyolefin shrink wrap has numerous qualities that make it suitable for packaging many products. The high demand for POF worldwide has led to an increase in production, which has made its prices competitive. Contact Kempner for more information about the most suitable packaging options for your requirements.


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