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Why new betting companies are beating the establishment

The betting industry in the UK has been changing rapidly over the past few decades. The emergence of online betting has meant not only that betting has become faster, easier and more convenient; it’s meant that the established bookies just can’t maintain their iron grip on the market. Bettors have more choice, and more knowhow, then ever before. There is now a betting site to fit everyone’s needs, and the sheer amount of competition means that the offers, promotions and odds are better for the consumer than ever.

Today, we’re going to look at some of the biggest new betting companies, and why they’re doing so well.

Why new betting companies are beating the establishment

  1. LiveScore

LiveScore is one of the newer betting sites, and just by looking at the site it’s easy to see why these newer companies might be winning out over the establishment. For one thing, they offer great new customer promotional offers, such as the £20 of free bets you’ll receive after you’ve bet your first £10.

Beyond that, LiveScore offers a huge range of sports to bet on, intuitively laid out with all the information you could need clearly shown. Often, what sets apart the newer sites is the simple matter of user optimization. LiveScore offers a very easy to use platform, with all sorts of boosts and bonuses on top of that; the establishment is still too stuck in its old ways.

  1. MansionBet

Another new and emerging betting site, MansionBet again does differently everything about established betting companies that has made them decline in popularity. MansionBet makes everything as simple as it can for you, listing all the sports events you might want to bet on to help you find it as easily as possible. They offer a wide range of betting opportunities, from traditional sports, to horse racing, to live casinos and even virtual sports.

Breaking down events by sport, country, time and even odds, again, MansionBet does everything it can to make the user experience as smooth as possible. It’s clear to see that this ease of use is actually in many ways just as important as odds or even promotional offers; MansionBet offers the same free £20 for every £10 bet as LiveScore, because they know customers aren’t just looking for the best welcome offer anymore.

  1. Kwiff Bet

Kwiff is one of the newest sites out there as of the writing of this article, and it’s one of the most unique as well. Any bet made made on Kwiff has the chance to supercharge the odds and massively increase your winnings. This is just one of the ways that the myriad of new betting sites are setting themselves apart.

Again, establishment betting companies simply know their trade, they know their customer, and they know how to run themselves. The prospect of change can be threatening, so they stagnate in their ways until their customers naturally gravitate somewhere different. Kwiff is a great example of this; offering these supercharged odds on almost any bet is a great incentive to try out a new place to bet. The establishment just isn’t prepared to make these kinds of bold choices.

  1. Star Sports

When you start to realize the pattern of these new betting companies, one thing becomes clear: the established formula does work, at least at the basic level. These new betting sites that are doing so well don’t need to try too hard to set themselves apart on anything that already works. What they do is just enhance the user experience from that foundation.

Star Sports is a great example of this, as they once again lay out their odds, events and games in a natural, pleasing and effective way. Then, they bring their own flair to the experience, by offering all kinds of exciting cumulative bets and high stakes experiences. Betting isn’t just choosing a winner anymore; for example, Star Sports offer 50% of your stake returned on a cricket game if your team top batsman scores over 50 runs, but your overall selection loses.

  1. Space Casino

Space Casino has been one of my personal favourites, and one of the most attractively built I’ve seen. When you open the homepage their potentially lucrative welcome offer is thrust in your eyeline: a 70 free spin boost for your account when you sign up!

But everyone offers welcome offers, of course. What makes Space Casino different is, among other things, their superfast withdrawals that will be credited to your account in a matter of hours. First class service seven days a week only a quick, live chat away—no sitting on hold for an hour waiting for someone to get through to you.

Space Casino is one of the most carefully crafted sites we’ve ever seen, and it’s easy to see why people prefer a service like this over the drudgery of a faceless chain bookies.

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