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Why to choose an Authentic Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturer?

Before starting, with why to choose an authentic gemstone jewelry manufacturer, it is important to know why it is essential to choose authentic gemstones for yourself. Over the years, the craze for gemstone jewelry has increased exponentially. Every crystal is known to be filled with own distinctive features and healing. This power of gemstones largely depends on their internal composition and natural properties.

Many businessmen and jewelry traders for their own profit create the duplicate and replica of the original crystals to earn monetary benefits and make them available at low prices than the original ones.

It is thus crucial to choose authentic crystals only if you really want to experience the high vibrations and other magnificent qualities associated with them. You might find external resemblance in copy ones, but not effectiveness.

A Vast Range of Jewelry options

With gemstones, you get plenty of options to choose from. There are a wide range of crystals that are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Basically, there is a gem for everyone according to their personal choices and needs, whether it is elegant or something funky like Larimar jewelry. It ranges from soothing colors to bold and bright ones.  Some are highly valued and cost a fortune while some are pocket friendly. You can choose your favourite one according to you.

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Whatever accessory you choose for yourself, gems are capable of creating dazzling trendy jewelry designs. From creating beautiful elegant pieces to bold and statement looks, these intricate designs will definitely mesmerize your heart. You can even customize your personal jewelry either using different metals or by simply engraving it with your initials.

It is thus essential to choose an authentic gemstone jewelry manufacturer and supplier that can genuinely provide you with awe-inspiring jewelry designs and can cater to your needs like Rananjay Exports. With over two hundred plus variety of gems and thousand plus designs, they also provide you the option of customizing your jewelry according to you so that you easily get your dream jewelry. Never compromising with the quality and authenticity they have managed to provide best jewelry at very competitive costs.

A pinch of Change

There are various situations in life that gets out of control and can hamper your mental, physical, and emotional balance. In these tough times you feel the need of the friend that can help you with extra care and support. Gemstones are like that good friend and can help you change the situation you are facing. Filled with ample metaphysical and healing characteristics, they help remove the blockages from different chakra present inside your body. Each chakra in you is responsible for various emotional and mental functions and regulating a smooth flow of energy internally. Different gems according to their nature target different chakra and harmonizes the balance between them.

But this release of strong vibes can only be done with authentic and natural made crystals that are formed in the environment. Maintaining a balance between all seven chakra can only be done through genuine crystals that help a person stay connected with its roots.

What makes Gemstones Different?

Before starting with what makes them different let’s understand what exactly they are. Gemstones are basically naturally obtained mineral crystals that are categorized into precious and semi-precious stones. After having them perfectly polished and cut, their luster and shine increases making them perfect to create stunning jewelry designs. Crystals like Diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds are considered as highly precious, while crystals like Moonstone, Opal, Citrine etc. Are considered as semi-precious.

Even some crystals that are not minerals like pearl, and amber are used in jewelry making for their exquisite shine and heart-capturing appearance. Often, gems are hard in nature, but some soft stones with high shine and luster are highly adored like Opal Jewelry.

In short, gemstones are mostly minerals that are highly appreciated for their unbound beauty and durability, which after cut and polish are highly cherished in the form of jewelry accessories. Now, that we got to know about what they are let’s further talk about what makes them different.

High Value

The value of any crystal totally depends on its availability, features, and rarity. Like all other industries, jewelry industry is also dependent on demand and supply chain. The more the demand of a crystal the high its value. Also, the availability of the crystal like in how much abundance it is present in determines for its financial value. The lesser quantity means higher price. The major 4 C’s that includes – color, cut, clarity, and carat plays an important role in determining the genuineness and uniqueness of it.

Unparalleled Beauty

Unparalleled Beauty is something that stays for a long time and is highly durable. With time it just carries memories not scratches. The beauty of the gems can be increased with careful artisans professionally proving accurate cut and polish to the crystal. For this, an authentic jewelry manufacturer plays an important role to officially curate intrinsic designs in the jewelry making.

Stones like Turquoise have that statement appeal that can easily help you grab all the attention that you are worthy of and it is the magic of the manufacturer that can help you with that. Gems being the one that has stayed on the earth for billions of years, are highly durable in nature and can be there for you till eternity.

Spiritual Aspect

Another factor that makes them unique is that they does not only help in designing the best jewelry for you. They help you with various spiritual and emotional aspects as well contributing in fulfilling growth. Jewelry is something to which one connects emotionally and can even carry it for generations. For example, you might still have that piece of accessory that was of your grandmother’s or is really close to your heart. Also, in last few tough years, people have realized the importance of mental health and spiritual aspect.

How to choose an authentic gemstone jewelry manufacturer

Majority of the gemstone jewelry game depends on the manufacturer and it plays a great role in enhancing a jewelry’s shine. Thus, it is very crucial to choose a manufacturer that is authentic and have professional staff. Here are few pointers that can help you decide how to choose the right one for yourself.

Strong Beliefs and Protocols

The manufacturer with good business ethics is the first quality that is a must-have. The principles on which the organization work plays as a significant role in deciding how they deal with their customers and how does their working pattern works. The better the principles they work upon, the better will be your shopping experience a lifetime relationship. To ensure that you have a great purchasing time, a fair transaction and step by step guidance is important.

Thus, choose wisely.

Up-to-date with great fashion sense

Having a great fashion sense and being up with the current trends is another quality that must be owned by the manufacturer. The jewelry designs that are manufactured requires a lot of thought and perfection. One will only be able to create bewitching trendy jewelry designs, if only they are themselves updated. Jewelry designs to make Raw crystal jewelry requires a lot of perfection as each stone is different from the other one with almost any shape.To suggest what will look good and suit best the customers according to their need depends on the fashion sense of the manufacturer. Thus, for happy customers, this quality should be properly embedded.

One should prominently meet the high aspirations and demands of the customers to ensure customer satisfaction.


The manufacturer should be an authentic one that naturally obtain real gems according to the rules established. It should be aware about its corporate social responsibility and provide their customers with the real information about the gems. If there is any additional color treatment that is done on the crystals to enhance their beauty and will last for a certain period of time, it should be told beforehand to the customers.

The reliable manufacturer doesn’t  compromise with the quality of the crystals and always opt for genuine products with great clarity and high durability. Crystals like Libyan Desert Glass are quite new as compared to the  other gemstones, and requires a great eye to check for its originality. Thus, it is ensured by Rananjay that the quality should match up to the set standards by the experts that have a relatable rich experience in this field.

Crystals like Agate are very rare, and it is quite important to have all the knowledge beforehand in order to identify the optimum quality.

Effective Customer relationship

With all the quality assurance, it is also important that the manufacturer knows all the ethics related with customer satisfaction. The way a company deals with their customers throughout the purchasing process will determine if it is going to survive long enough or not.

Effective customer relationship offers a long-term stable bond with the customers which will be fruitful for the company itself. Choose a brand that makes their customer-related services a priority, works on faster issue resolvance and  works for their customer demands.

Once, you are done with noting how to choose your manufacturer, we believe that you might have almost made up your mind to purchase one for yourself.

If your answer is yes, then you also need a perfect option for the same. Don’t worry, we will guide you all the way through.

Best Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturer and Supplier

The jewelry manufacturing process is really complex and requires a lot of perfection for the same. For the same, Rananjay Exports is the name that has emerged over time as a trusted brand that can cater to different needs of the ever changing fashion trends. India, being a major supplier of gemstone jewelry, Rananjay exports have managed to provide their contribution in the same. At Rananjay, you will find expert eyes that can easily recognize the quality of the crystals thereby thus only providing you with the best ones directly from their hands.
They have their own brand value and image in International market and never compromises with the quality. Jaipur, being one of the most prominent source that is contributing their significant share in gemstone jewelry business, has managed to create its own reputation in the market. Established, in one such city, they provide one-stop destination for all your needs by offering a variety of two hundred plus crystals like Moldavite, and many others and thousand plus jewelry designs.

All crystals are different from each other, some are hard while some being soft. Thus, it is very important to pay special attention when providing proper cut and shape to these crystals to be further used in jewelry. This is perfectly done by expert artisans at Rananjay Exports.

How to care

With purchasing of gemstones, no doubt you get to enjoy the ethereal beauty but with it comes a responsibility of properly taking care of them. For this it is important to note that no matter how hard your crystal is, it still requires proper cleansing and activation time-to-time.

Your crystals absorb lot of negative energy from the surroundings and it is crucial to activate them with your intentions from time to time once you are done cleaning them.

While cleansing, ensure that you are not using extreme hot water, or any other harsh chemicals. You can simply run it under cold or Luke-warm water. Also, use a soft brush and a soft cloth for further cleansing.


This was all about Gemstones, Gemstone Jewelry, and Gemstone jewelry manufacturer.  We hope that by the information provided above you will be able to find your perfect jewelry accessory from a trusted brand that is authentic and fulfills all your wishes with it.  Now, that you know how a great manufacturer affects the whole process, you will make a sound decision and choose the best one for yourself.

Go ahead, and get your hands on your favourite jewelry.


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