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Why You Should Consider An In-House Server

Many businesses will look to a 3rd party provider for their servers, outsourcing does offer numerous benefits, although it is worth considering having an in-house server for certain businesses.

If your business uses more data than typical businesses, you may be better off hosting your own server – for example, if you run an eCommerce business.

Servers, while much more costly than outsourcing, offer a wide range of benefits that make life much easier for larger businesses. Benefits will outweigh the cost of having an in-house server, as when it is yours you can manage, configure, and upgrade it however you please.

Here are 5 reasons why an in-house server may be exactly what your business needs to take its online operations to the next level.

Tailored Performance

Something not working the way you want it to? You can fix it with your own server. This may not be an option with an outsourced server that has to function for more than just your business.

The option to get the performance that you want out of your server is part of the reason why in-house servers are so valuable.

You can spend thousands every month for a 3rd party provider which only partly serves the function that you would ideally want out of your server. If generic outsourced performance won’t cut it for your business, then an in-house server is an absolute must-have.

Faster Response When Things Go Wrong

If something has broken or malfunctioned you can fix it straight away instead of waiting for your outsourced provider to do so. A failure in your 3rd party server which may be of huge significance to you may not be at the top of your provider’s priority list.

If something goes wrong with an in-house server you can identify the failing part and replace it quickly – which may be expensive, but it’ll save valuable time which usually balances things out.

Immediate Insight

If you need to access a specific piece of data as soon as possible, having your server on-hand makes it simple and easy to do so.

You will never have to deal with “down for planned maintenance” or the phone calls upon phone calls to retrieve a missing password.

If you are in a fast-paced industry, being able to access, manage, and subsequently use your data immediately is hugely valuable.

Save In The Long-Run

While the investment of a server or servers may seem like a hefty one, you may save in the long run.

After some teething issues, most servers can run themselves quite efficiently with energy-saving PSUs and more.

Your initial investment may prove cheaper than paying for a 3rd party server for years upon years on end.

You should consider refurbished, which is often just as reliable as a brand new server. With retailers like ETB Technologies now offering high quality tested refurbed servers with warranties that resemble manufacturer warranties, you can’t go wrong.

Get The Most Out Of Your Team

If you run an online business you probably have a whole technical team of admins, devs and technicians on hand.

Having an in-house server will offer them broader capabilities in making sure your website and online operations are as strong as they can be.

The customizability also offers technical teams exciting challenges that will allow them to experiment in order to take your business to new online heights.

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