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A Daytripper’s Guide To Spending 24 Hours In Liverpool

The Beatles, also known as the Fab Four, is synonymous with Liverpool, andthey’re the maritime city’s gift to the world. Many tourists worldwide visit the place because of their love for music and the four guys who rose to stardom in the 1960s. Liverpool inspired many Beatles songs, including “Penny Lane,”the name of a street where Paul McCartney grew up.

But Liverpool is more than just The Beatles. There are many other sights to marvel at and places to immerse yourself in the culture and wonder of this magnificent city. If you’re staying in London, there are comfortable and lovely coach trips from London to Liverpool that you can take to explore the historic city in a day.

Here’s a guide on must-see spots to check out:

  1. Lose Yourself in The World Of The Beatles
  • Liverpool Beatles Museum

This museum on Mathew Street houses the most extensive Beatles collection, sprawled across five huge floors. It boasts over 1,000 rare and authentic items, like original members’ guitars, John Lennon’s itinerary from their first American tour, and the medals Lennon wore on the cover of their eighth album, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

The place also keeps hundreds of personal items, including never-before-seen letters and many unseen footages and interviews of the band across the decades they rode the waves of stardom.

  • Cavern Club

Cavern Club,located on Mathew Street, was originally a jazz club that opened in the late 1950s, but it hosted performances by The Beatles more than 300 times. The small stage of this club was dubbed as the centre of the musical universe. Musical legend, the Rolling Stones, also lighted up the scene in the 1960s, along with The Who and The Kinks.

  • Casbah Coffee Club

Located in the West Derby area of Liverpool, Casbah Coffee Club is the place where the earliest performances of The Beatles took place. It was a members-only clubfeaturing walls hastily decorated with paintings of rainbows, stars, spiders, and a dragon by the band members. The painted walls were preserved over time and still exists today for fans to view.

  • Peter’s Church

The Anglican church is found on Church Road, Woolton, Liverpool, Merseyside, where Paul McCartney and John Lennon first met as teenagers.  In the graveyard of the church lies the tombstone of Eleanor Rigby, the subject of another famous song by the band from their 1966 album Revolver.

  1. Marvel AtBeautiful Architecture

In Liverpool, you’ll see one of the most magnificent skylines in the worldcalled the Three Graces, which is named after the Greek goddess of charm, beauty, and creativity.This complex consists of three buildings:Port of Liverpool Building, Cunard Building, and Royal Liver Building. In fact, UNESCO recognizes the place as a World Heritage Site.

  1. Experience The Culture AndGain More Perspective

To know more about Liverpool culture and history, there are plenty more museums to tour. These museums speak of how the old trading port became what it is now, a progressive, modern, and wealthy city.

A Daytripper’s Guide To Spending 24 Hours In Liverpool
Liverpool, England. September 30, 2021. ‘The Three Graces’ part of Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City. On the left is the Royal Liver Building, in the centre is the Cunard Building
  • International Slavery Museum

A trip to Liverpool wouldn’t be meaningful if you didn’t visit the International Slavery Museum, which opens on weekdays and allows free admission for anyone who wishes to go. Thisplace plays an essential role in awakening the senses of Brits and many people in the world on discrimination and racism. Liverpool used to be the capital of transatlantic slavery.

The museum tells the story ofhow Africans were horrendously treated back in the day. There’s a film showing slaves shackled, starved, and sold by the hundreds, and their names are forever etched on books, along with how much they were sold. The books are on display to hopefully teach others the value of life, respect, and equality.

  • MerseysideMaritime Museum

The MerseysideMaritime Museum, which is situatedat Royal Albert Dock, showcases Liverpool’s historic seafaringheritage and narrates the tragic story of the sunken Titanic. It even holds objects from the wreck, including crockery, a passenger’s watch, and a ventilation grill. It even includes a scale model of a survivor’s lifejacket and the ship.

  • World Museum Liverpool

Set on William Brown St., the World Museum Liverpool is the perfect and fun place for families with kids. This museum hosts thePlanetarium, as well as anaquarium. Wonders of science will keep the kids engaged and educated at the same time. The museum also holds a vast collection of antiquities, world culture artefacts, natural history, and physical sciences.


Liverpool is a destination that shouldn’t be missed if you plan to travel to England anytime soon. It offers wonderful things that you’ll appreciate, including culture, music, sports, science, and architecture.You’ll love every moment you spend here.

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