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Fascinating Insights about Psychics You Need to Know

 In 2016, Elizabeth Day – a superb writer at Elle Magazine, came out with an eye-opening piece: Stranger Things: How a Psychic Changed My Life. The article detailed one item on her bucket list that she’d wanted to do her whole life, and finally did. Her travels took her to Los Angeles, California. In her own words, she was always ‘intrigued by the unconscious’, and wanted to satisfy her curiosity by visiting with a renowned psychic. While many of the other bucket list items went unfulfilled, the most important one for her was the psychic reading.And that is precisely the focus of our article today. What happened with Elizabeth Day that changed her life?

Before we get to that, it’s important to detail several aspects of psychic readings that need to be clearly understood. The majority of purported psychics are in fact fraudsters. Only the finest professional psychic readings can be trusted, and we strongly recommend that folks stick to sage advice when choosing a psychic.

The subject of our article actually attended several UK-based psychic readings – one at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and the other at the College of Psychic Studies in London. Clearly, there is considerable interest in psychic readings to warrant such expenditure, research, and dedication to the craft. And that’s where credibility is established.

Energy Exists in Many Different Forms

For the naysayers, we must remember that psychic phenomena cannot be disproven. Yet, those who dabble in the craft and get results are proof positive that there is certainly something there. Our story, and many more like it, is peppered with interesting facts, accounts, and realities. Tarot card readings routinely feature in psychic readings, but not always.

Elizabeth Day goes on to explain that psychic readings can be expensive, but the information gleaned from the sessions can be life changing. So, what did she learn? The psychic indicated that Elizabeth they would be releasing a book, and she did a few days later. The precise genre of the book was also correctly ascertained – a psychological thriller.

The tarot cards indicated that Elizabeth Day was susceptible to criticism, but she also saw plenty of contracts in the works, particularly magazines. But the most astonishing detail to come out of the reading was that Elizabeth would imminently meet somebody in a romantic relationship. An executive in the creative industry. Barely a week later, Elizabeth attended a Christmas party in London, England.

There she met a man who was an executive in the creative industry. She never informed him that she went to a psychic before she met him and that it appeared to be destined. Granted, psychics don’t see everything, and Elizabeth acknowledges that. But the important details really struck a chord. The man she married – her second husband is Justin Basini – the CEO and co-founder of Clear Score.

Anyone Can Get a Professional Psychic Reading

The appeal of psychic readings goes well beyond celebrities. It’s not just the esteemed Elizabeth Day. In 2024, the Daily Mail ran a piece about women struggling with infertility, seeking the assistance of psychics to fulfil their baby dreams. Women across the UK have toyed with many different options, notably acupuncturists and more recently psychics.

These new-age gurus are known as fertility psychics, many of themunqualified to offer professional psychic readings.

For these and other reasons it’s important to carefully vet psychics via a systematic process. Expert psychics can tap into the unknown elements, and receive answers by way of energy flows.

Their focus on personal, business, and social wellness covers every conceivable aspect of existence. Naturally, certain psychics focus on emotional matters, while others may be better qualified to understand career prospects, personal growth and development.

In Summary

 It’s essential to approach psychic readings with a balanced mindset, recognizing the blend of skepticism and openness required. True psychic insights often transcend guesswork, connecting deeply with personal experiences and providing guidance that resonates on an emotional level. Always ensure the psychic’s credentials and testimonials are thoroughly vetted before proceeding any further!


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