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The United Kingdom Publishes Ten-year Plan To Become “ Artificial Intelligence Superpower”, Pursuing To Rival China And U.S

On Wednesday, the government of the United Kingdom released a ten-year plan to make the U.K. an “Artificial Intelligence Superpower” of the world, which means that the country has to defeat giants like China and the U.S.

Their strategy includes a number of programs, initiatives, and reports. They plan to boost the usage of Artificial Intelligence in U.K Businesses, which will attract new investments into British Artificial Intelligence companies from all over the world. In his statement, Chris Philp, who is a minister of the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport, said that with this new plan they are laying the foundation for significant growth for the next years and that the U.K wants to have the main part in developing the way the world governs it.

The country plans to raise the educational resources about the case as they are going to launch a new Nation Artificial Intelligence Research and Innovation program. They think that it will improve the collaboration and coordination between the U.K’s researchers. Most of the nation.s Artificial Intelligence efforts are concentrated in London and Southeast England currently and some programs will be aimed to support AI development outside these regions.

The government of the country said that they hope that it will allocate more investment and resources to industries that aren’t using the full potential of Artificial Intelligence yet, for instance, farming has become much easier with modern technologies and it can get even better, or imagine how fast and simple automated FX trading with robots could be. Artificial Intelligence has already taken its first steps in those fields and the U.K plans to make this process faster.

What Caused The Need Of The Strategy?

The need of launching a new Artificial Intelligence strategy was caused by the U.K government actions which allowed tech Giants in Asia and in the U.S to snap up some of the U.K’s best Artificial Intelligence companies.

Experts think that AI development of the country was lowered when one of the world’s leading Artificial Intelligence laboratories, which was located in London was sold to Google for $600 million in 2014,  also, Apple bought VocalIQ, Twitter bought Magic Pony Technologies, and Amazon bought Evi Technologies. In 2019, 3.5 billion dollars were pumped into the country’s Artificial Intelligence start-ups, but for today, most of them are at risk of being acquired by foreign rivals.

All of that resulted in the need for AI development strategies for the country if it wants to be an Artificial Intelligence Superpower of the world.

What Do The Experts Think About The Plan?

The anonymous Artificial Intelligence research from Big Tech company said: “It seems like the sort of semi-sensible waffle this sort of strategy document always involves. The devil is in the details. They are not the fate of the government because they have done nothing for them for all these years. The Artificial Intelligence researcher said that they feel like the government has done more to ruin the U.K’s AI qualities lately than to create new opportunities.

On the other hand, Nathan Benaich, who is a venture capitalist at Air Street Capital has said that he is optimistic about the new plan and it can really activate U.K’s Artificial Intelligence potential. He thinks that the U.K should focus on the fields like energy, life sciences, and cyber security.

Beth Singler, who is an anthropologist at the University of Cambridge and studies Artificial Intelligence and robots, is a bit afraid about the competition with the giants like the U.S and China and thinks that they should be careful not to buy into their own narratives.

Seb Krier, who is a senior policy researcher at the Stanford Cyber research center, posted on his Twitter account that some aspects of the country’s plan of developing Artificial Intelligence are very promising.  Lila Ibrahim, who is a DeepMind COO of the company said that it’s good to see a clear focus on technologies and she also added that it is vital to make business and, in general, the public more trusting about Artificial Intelligence.





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