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Where will online slots be in 20 years?

It is hard to predict where anything will be in 20 years from now, the modern world seems to be moving at such a pace that it seems things completely change every few years. Online free slots no deposit are no different, many players wonder where they will be in 20 years.

The future of slots

Slot games have come a long way since they were first invented. If the past is anything to go by, the future of slot gaming is looking very bright indeed. This is because slot games have always had a way of evolving with the times.

  •       Slot games are usually one of the first games to embrace new technologies. This ability to embrace the new has led these games to last a long time. If slot machines refused to change and stayed the same way they were originally built, the chances are that they would not exist today.
  •       A good illustration of how slot games have changed is with the rise of online gaming. Although it has taken on new heights in recent years, the very first online slot games actually originated in the nineties. This shows how slot games have embraced technology that the general public has yet too. When the public started to use the internet more, online slots had already been created for them to use and enjoy.


Virtual reality, also known as VR, is an increasingly popular technology with many believing that it will usher in the next era of slot games. The reason why VR has yet to take off is obvious, it is too expensive for the general public. The benefits that VR can offer players is sheer immersion in online gaming, they will be on a whole new level of slot gaming. While online slots offer a more accessible way to enjoy slot machines, they are not as immersive as the real thing. This will change when VR is introduced to the masses, players will get as close to the authentic casino experience as they possibly can through this technology. Some slot developers have already created online games in anticipation of this technology. 

New technology 

New technology has always had a way of bringing slot gaming to the modern times. It does not matter when it was, online slots have always embraced new technology. The following are some examples of how slots have adapted to changing times. 

  •       Manually operated to the push of a button – Originally slot machines needed players to operate a lever in order to use the game. Most players probably picture a slot machine with a lever when they think about the stereotypical slot machine in their mind. To keep up with changing times, slot machines were redesigned so that the reels could spin with the push of a button, making them much more accessible for people.


It is hard to say what slots will look like in 20 years. What can be said with certainty is that they will still be around, having adapted to whatever changes the world has set in their way.

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