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The definitive guide to blogger outreach for beginners

Outbound content marketing through blogger outreach has become of the most trusted search engine optimisation techniques, especially following the release of the Penguin algorithm update. It is an effective way to gather backlinks from high-authority websites, which is one of the top-ranking factors considered by Google and other search engines. An experienced link building company has connections with some of the most influential bloggers across multiple niches, which allows them to acquire high-quality backlinks easily.

In the following post, we take a detailed look at what blogger outreach is and how it helps businesses improve their position on the search engine ranking pages.

Introduction to outbound marketing and blogger outreach

As stated earlier, blogger outreach is one of the cheapest, yet one of the most effective ways of promoting your brand and its website. It involves reaching out to the top bloggers in your industry and creating meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships with them.

Essentially, blogger outreach involves creating engaging, high-quality content and asking some influential bloggers to post the same on their websites. Or else, it involves providing a demo of your product or service and asking the bloggers to create a blog post talking about the same. This way, the blogger gets to post high-quality content on their website and you get a backlink to your landing page and brand promotion. While a simple deal, it brings great benefits to everyone involved.

Benefits of blogger outreach

  • Guest blogging is one of the best ways to promote your offerings. It directly increases brand awareness and exposes the value of your products and services to a wider audience. Simply mentioning your brand across multiple channels gets it enough exposure to build awareness.
  • Blogger outreach is also an off-page SEO technique as it helps your website get a high-quality backlink from authoritative websites. Consequently, your website ranking higher on the SERPs will help you get more and better organic traffic.
  • Blogger outreach is not only promotional, it can also be collaborative. If you have an innovative solution, you can collaborate with some of the top influencers and create content together, thereby helping more people in the process.

A definitive guide to blogger outreach how-to

Now that you know what entails blogger outreach, here is a brief step-by-step guide on how a link building company approaches blogger outreach.

  1. Finding influential bloggers

One of the first steps to outbound content marketing is finding relevant bloggers in your industry that have good domain authority. You can either visit a blogger directory like AllTop or use Google Search to identify the most influential bloggers in your niche.

When you search Google for your target keyword, you will be presented with two types of websites, i.e., authoritative websites like Wikipedia and WebMD, and blogs. For the sake of outbound marketing, ignore the authoritative websites and focus on the blogs. You can also scroll down to the Related Searches section below the search results to find blogs that rank for relevant keywords.

  1. Research and refine your list of bloggers

At the end of step 1, you should have about 10-30 blogs that you want to reach out to for blogger outreach. This is a rather broad number and reaching out to everyone with the same approach does not work. Without blogger research, you will essentially be wasting your time and resources and might even end up burning bridges before even talking to them. You need to identify the best bloggers suited for your specific product.

If you have multiple products or services, segregate your searches for each offering. Rank your list based on various factors like niche, SEO authority, social media followers, comments, etc. Feel free to sort your bloggers in any other category that might be important to you.

  1. Find contact information

Most of the top bloggers in any industry are eager to try innovative products and services as it provides them with an opportunity to create more content. You will need to get on their radar and find their contact information to reach out to them.

Bloggers usually have a Contact page on their website that you can use to find their email addresses for collaboration. You can also visit a contact directory like Hunter.io or Viola Norbert to find their contact information. If you still cannot find a valid way to contact them, you might have to take the long route of filling out the contact form on their website.

  1. Approach influential bloggers with your product

A cookie-cutter approach to blogger outreach can be fatal for your campaign. The exact process of reaching out to bloggers depends on various factors like what product you are promoting and the type of relationship you want to build with them.

For instance, the approach for guest blogging will be very different from the approach for a share request or partnership. Create a brief and to-the-point pitch that outlines why they should try or promote your product. You can take this a step further by providing an outline of the type of content that you want to publish on their website.

  1. Create content that the bloggers WANT to share

An experienced link building company focuses on creating content that the bloggers will want to share on their website. The top bloggers in any industry want a consistent approach to the content that they post on their websites. When reaching out to them, research the type of content that they post on their website and try creating something with similar tonality for your product. When the content you want to publish is similar to what they already post, they are more likely to review your request. You can also personalise the outreach mail to improve your reply rate.

A link building company will also track their blogger outreach campaigns periodically. They consider important metrics like whom did they contact for which product, how many people opened your mail, and what templates work best. Building mutually beneficial relationships will help in the future when you want to promote a new product or service. If you want to try the benefits of outbound marketing, get in touch with an expert and discuss your requirements.

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